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Positivity Is More than Feeling Good: It Shuts Down Your Inner Critic

Last month I had one of those “I’m-gonna-crack” days. I was talking with a friend, rattling off all the things that had been piling up over the past 3- 4 weeks: following up on a bids for a major driveway repair, dealing with a cracked tooth, contact dermatitis in one eye, my list of projects […]
September 1, 2014



8 Steps to Achieving your Bucket List

8 Steps to Achieving your Bucket List #suntrustbucketlist Many of us have lists of things that we would like to achieve. We might have a list of 100 things, 50 things or just 10 things that we would really like to do. Or we might call it a bucket list or a list of goals […]
August 25, 2014