How Helane Morrison is Shattering the Glass Ceiling in the Corporate World


It takes a certain kind of person to maintain ethical integrity throughout their entire lifetime. Obviously, everyone wants to do the right thing, everyone knows the importance of following the rules – however, not everyone has the robust character to not only keep themselves on the straight and narrow, but those around them too. This is certainly the case when business and particularly finance is involved. In an industry that has done nothing but soiled its reputation steadily since the early 2000’s, it takes a distinct type of person to not only thrive in that environment, but police it as well.

Helane Morrison is that person.

From her beginnings in journalism to her years of government service, Morrison has worked steadily to prevent corruption and protect the vulnerable in the process. Whether her focus is the exposure of corrupt brokers or revolutionizing the financial work place, she is one of the most important players in the industry today. Determined, powerful and exceedingly influential, she has been making her mark on the industry for over thirty years and is still going strong.

Widespread Corruption Exposed

When the global economic crisis began in August of 2007, individuals nationwide were left in a state of shock as the institutions they had come to rely on crumbled around them. With banks having to turn to the government for bailouts and unemployment at an all time high, important questions arose. Questions that had been unasked for too long.

Who can I trust? Where does my money really come from? And perhaps most importantly, are my investments safe?

Widely accepted as the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression in the 1930’s, the crash of 2007-2008 not only sent America’s economy into a massive tailspin, but it effectively exposed the unethical behavior that was rampant throughout the entire financial sector. Seemingly every stone that was unturned revealed fraud, falsified records and a bevvy of underhanded dealings, which stood as testament to both the amount of corruption and how long it had remained unchecked.

Deeper and deeper it went – from destroyed documents to false audit claims. The obvious resulted – Stock markets collapsed, homes were foreclosed upon, unemployment soared and, most importantly, faith was lost in Wall Street, the banks and corporations in general. People began to feel more secure storing money in socks under their beds than in bank accounts. Stocks were rapidly liquidated to gold as everyone with sense realized that the institutions they had trusted for years were not nearly as infallible as they had once believed. Seemingly nothing was reliable and this crippling insecurity quickly spread not only across the country, but worldwide as well.

Headed for Further Chaos?

Even nine years later, this general feeling of mistrust hasn’t dissipated in the slightest. Everyday Americans have little to no faith in Wall Street and the overwhelming majority feel that those in the financial sector are about as removed from the actual economy of the country, as it’s possible to be. In fact, in a recent poll conducted by the Wall Street Journal/NBC, it was discovered that only 28% of Americans believe that the country’s economy is on the right track.

As the 2016 presidential election approaches, investors and economists alike don’t predict the widespread feeling of unease will improve in any way. In fact, many of them believe it will only get worse. Although a few political analysts maintain that there is only a tenuous link between stock market performance and the presidential race, those deeply entrenched in the industry feel differently. Yale Hirsch, founder of the Hirsch Organization and the much-referenced Stock Traders Almanac has been maintaining his theory of a direct correlation since the early 70’s. According to Hirsch, presidential elections “…have a profound impact on the economy and the stock markets. War, recessions and bear markets tend to start or occur in the first half of the terms and bull markets, in the latter half.” Apparently, investors take his advice seriously. The stock market historically slows down the prior before an election as investors wait to see how the next executive branch of government will organize fiscal policy. More taxes? Less? More laws? More spending? This kind insecurity only compounds the pre existing mistrust that anyone involved with the stock market has unfortunately come to see as a ‘part of the game’.

Wolves in Waiting – The Perils of Investing

With a history of scandal and the unrest of an impending election, now more than ever people are aware that there are simply no guarantees in the world of finance. This is particularly the case when it comes to investing. There is no certainty that any investment will be safe. What’s more those who are naturally cautious and turn to the advice of a professional financial planner/trader are no better off than those that attempt to do it themselves. That investment can just as easily disappear as it can blossom into a fortune. Not to mention, there is always the risk of having your investments exploited by a less than trust worthy broker.

However, owing that basic financial necessities like securing retirement, planning for higher education, or even just keeping a roof over one’s head are becoming increasingly difficult to make happen on today’s salary, it’s no wonder that investing has maintained its popularity. In some cases, it can be the only choice a person has to accrue wealth.

The average investor however, is a vulnerable creature. Stocks, trading and all things financial can seem like another language entirely and the chance of experiencing significant monetary losses is extremely high for the uneducated. The everyday investor needs someone to help navigate through the inevitable corruption and scams that populate any industry where big money is involved. For every naïve first time investor that wants to get rich quick, there is a savvy wolf waiting to take a bite…even swallow him or her whole.

It is up to the investors to educate themselves as much as possible. However, that is more difficult than it seems. Much of the time, the information just isn’t available. In order to make the most of their investments, people need to have access to accurate, up to date information in order so that they can make the best decision possible. On top of this, there needs to be sound regulation of the investment process.

In essence, someone needs to be the watchdog – ensuring that both sides are acting in accordance to security laws and trading regulations.

Fire in the Belly – Dedicated to the Cause

Enter Ms. Helane Morrison – a self made pioneer and undisputed major player who’s impossible to intimidate attitude is quickly changing the face of finance.

Assertive, unflappable and with the kind of sharp mind that leaves men and women in her wake, she has made an impression from the very moment she stepped on the scene and continues to do to this day.

Brooklyn born and bred, Morrison decided to strike out on her own and complete her Bachelor’s degree in Journalism at Northwestern University, Illinois. She then moved farther west to continue her education at the University of California Berkeley School of Law. As she worked toward her Juris Doctor degree, she put her journalism knowledge to work as the Editor in Chief of the university’s law review.

After passing the bar and being successfully admitted to practice, Ms. Morrison gained valuable experience working as a law clerk at the US Court of Appeals for the 7th circuit. After a year gathering experience, she moved on to work with Supreme Court Justice, Harry A, Blackmun from 1985-1986. A famous champion for women’s rights, this extremely liberal judge made massive changes to outdated abortion laws and those governing sexual behavior and the age of consent. Although he received numerous death threats and was harassed by opposing groups throughout his career, Blackmun was committed to the overturning of harmful and discriminatory institutions created in the name of justice. Under his tutelage, Morrison began to develop her own passion for equality, which would become a recurrent theme throughout her career.

After only a few short years as a clerk, it was obvious that Morrison’s skills were such that she was ready to enter into a private practice. In 1986 she moved on to the law firm of Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk and Rabkin. For ten years, she worked ceaselessly in businesses litigation and defense of private securities. Whether it was internal corporate investigations or class action suits, Morrison found that exposing violation to security laws and defending those affected was quickly becoming the main focus of her career. In fact, during those years at the firm, she was made responsible for overseeing a staff of over one hundred employees. Not surprisingly, they elevated her position to full partner in 1991. Together with her team, Morrison successfully supervised a series of major investigations against corrupt traders, three of which resulted in enforcement actions. Some of these cases were so memorable that she even published them in a book format for Google – further ensuring that the public had access to the knowledge they needed to keep their investments safe. Clearly, she had found her stride.

Changing How and Whom We Trust

It wasn’t long until the government took notice of her abilities and invited her to take a position at the San Francisco office of US Securities and Exchange. In this position, Morrison was given full power to protect corporations and individuals against fraud, while ensuring full disclosure of information and maintaining high standards of fair dealing when investing. It was as a part of this organization that she would begin to have the opportunity to make a massive difference in the level of corruption throughout the trading and securities sector. Using her skills in both journalism and law, Morison effortlessly took on the position of SEC office head of enforcement. Representing clients in legal, financial and business communities, she ensured that all dealings remained ‘above board’ while at the same time collaborating with the media and government agencies.

Her list of accomplishments during her time with the SEC is more than impressive. During her eleven years of service, she headed a wide variety of important, high profile enforcement actions. For example, Morrison headed numerous financial fraud cases over the years involving so-called ‘untouchable’ top executives from high visibility clients such as Google, Hewllet Packard, NextCard Inc. and HBO and Co. Working closely with her investigators, she also exposed the deceptive sale of false securities to over 50,000 military personnel by the insurance company American Amicable. She also exposed corrupt auditors such as a major partner at Ernst and Young who was found to be altering and destroying audit work papers illegally. In addition to these larger, notable cases, Morrison was also deeply involved in the protection of senior citizens against fraud and the abolishment of insider trading and market manipulation. Only recently she took particular interest in online trading sites and warned interested parties against them – citing their capacity for harm when used without proper knowledge or training.

Helane Morrison’s drive and list of accomplishments were so impressive that it the SEC did not hesitate to name her Head of Commission and Regional Director, making her the first woman in history to be given that title. Responsible for security enforcement, litigation and regulatory matters in both Northern California and an additional five North West States, she continued her mission to defend and represent those affected by fraud and seek out those who would take advantage of the complex world of trading even after her move to her new work place.

Equality in the Work Place – A New Cause for Morrison

After years of government service, Morrison decided a change of direction in her career was in order. Having made an arguably historic mark on the SEC, she found herself driven by a new cause – The need for equality in the financial work place.

Although there is an equal ratio of men to women interested in business and attending various programs at the college and university level, there is a shocking lack of female leadership when it comes to financial service. Largely, the upper management of financial corporation is something of a boy’s club, with very few women taking the initiative to ‘break into’ their ranks. In fact the segregation can become so extreme that many companies hold separate meetings for women, insolating them even further from their male counterparts. Appalled by this apparent lack of female representation in an industry she’d practically made her own, Helane Morrison began to develop a drive to change it.

Hall Capital – The First Firm of Its Kind

One of the most important moves of her career came when she joined Hall Capital, the largest and most successful investment advisory firm in San Francisco.
Although it has over 24 billion in assets and manages the finances of many of America’s most affluent families, it isn’t the healthy returns that tempted Morrison away from he work at SEC. Unsurprisingly, it was the pioneering spirit of the organization.

Hall Capital is one of the only financial companies in the country that is completely run by women. President Sarah Stein, Co-Chief investment officer Kathryn Hall and managing director and chief compliance officer Morrison make up the power trio that are working together to revolutionize the typical financial workplace. Attracted to what Morrison describes as a “very ethical culture”, she was more than ready to take the responsibilities offered by this outstanding firm.

As a team, they put a high emphasis on the two main qualities that a woman needs to succeed in the industry – flexibility and resiliency. They have created a workplace ‘culture’ around these qualities, emphasizing these values through incentives and behaviors. For example, the offices at Hall Capital are all open concept – a design almost unheard of in a community of office meetings behind closed doors and private club functions. Employees are encouraged to collaborate with each other and interact as much as possible in order to both bring a higher level of success to the clients but to keep the process as honest and transparent as possible. In addition, the employees of Hall Capital are also given the opportunity to buy into the company, thereby deepening their commitment to its success and, most importantly, the happiness of the client.

Hall explains her reasoning for this unconventional working method by citing the financial crash of 2008. During that time, Hall describes how “the industry as a whole squandered the trust of clients in an epic way.” People became far less apt to place their financial future in anyone’s hands but their own, resulting in any number of disastrous outcomes. Morrison, Hall and Stein however, are working to regain that trust by insisting on accountability, integrity and regulatory compliance from all their workers and in all of their dealings. Their reputation has become such that a whopping 20% of their overall focus is on the protection and investment management of major foundations and endowment funds.

Not surprisingly. Helane Morrison is integral in insuring that each and every investment they make on behalf of their clients is a solid and ethical one. As chief compliance officer, Morrison has assembled a team known as the ‘examination staff’. This group of focused, like-minded individuals work together with Morrison to painstakingly study the records of all registered entities collaborating with Hall Capital. This means that every brokerage firm, financial advisor or mutual fund the firm’s advisors choose to utilize must go through the team’s rigorous investigations before they are trusted with the client’s money.

From there, Morrison implemented what is known as an enforcement staff. If the examination team discovers anything suspicious during their research, the enforcement team proceeds with disciplinary action. This can range from something as mild as a written request to correct practices or as extreme as an in depth investigation and eventually, criminal charges.

It takes more than an open floor plan and honesty to make a thoroughly equal workplace happen however. On top of encouraging diversity in education, gender and background when selecting their employees, Morrison and the women of Hall Capital ensure that there is the proper balance of work and life for each employee. There is an exceptionally high value placed on the time spent out of the office as well as in. Employees are encouraged to be a vital part of non-work commitments such as community groups or charity foundations so that they can approach their daily lives with more fulfillment. “At the firm level, “Hall explains, “ it’s better to have people with broader perspectives – better problem solvers” Employees are encouraged to spend the time with their families and on top of impressive maternity/paternity benefits, benefit from a flexible schedule that allows them to meet important commitments outside of the office.

An Expert at Balance

Helane Morrison, although dedicated to her work, is an excellent example of the work/life balance that Hall Capital encourages. On top of her commitments, she also serves on the board of many important organizations. She served as a member of the Bar Association of San Francisco judiciary committee in the early 2000s only to become its director from 2001-2004.

Currently, she sits on the board of the hedge fund subcommittee of the American Bar Association. Backed by other committed legal professionals, Morrison volunteers her time to ensure the transparency of all hedge fund managers. A highly exclusive type of investment fund, hedge funds have always attracted the very wealthy and very experienced. Not surprisingly, a few such managers have taken advantage of the previously lax rules governing these investments. In typical style, Morrison works to ensure that all hedge fund managers are required to provide the exact same information in regards to their practices as any other investment manager.

Her passion for the environment and animal rights also makes her very active on the board of the Regional Parks Foundation. Composed of over 119,000 acres of land throughout the Alameda and Contra Costa Counties in California, the district includes 65 regional parks, over 40 miles of shoreline and an impressive total of 1,250 miles of trails. The Regional Parks Foundation consists of a select group of corporate leaders active throughout the East Bay area. Working together, Morrison and the other members are committed to providing public access to the areas and preserving their beauty for generations to come. One program that they have implemented is what is known as a ‘campership’. Combining vacation and education, camperships were developed to exposed high risk or disabled youth to the joys and challenges of camping. They have also successfully implemented weeklong immersive experiences for underprivileged children in grades 4 – 5 in order to raise awareness of environmental issues and create a commitment to preservation.

There is little wonder that Morrison, with her commitment to justice, is now contributing her impressive skill set to this trailblazing group of women at Hall Capital. After all, it’s one thing to create an innovative, transparent financial workplace, but it’s another entirely to keep it safe for the clients. She is a proud (and tireless) advocate- defending Hall Capital clients against the often-treacherous twists and turns of financial world. She has worked to ensure both legitimacy and success both for her company and for its impressive roster of clients.

Never one to back down, she has become known for her passion, strength of conviction and peerless devotion to ethics. Known as the ‘voice of change’ in some circles, she has become an inspiration for those struggling to regain trust in the wake of the crisis of 2008 and with the stresses of the impending election.

There is a reason why Helena Morrison has been awarded the title Most Influential Woman in the Bay Area Business and Public Sector on four occasions. She earned it. One of her many admirers, colleague and former co-worker SEC chairman Christopher Cox has described her potent personality as a mix of ‘Dedication, integrity and passion for protecting investors”. An impressive combination indeed that many in the industry strive to develop daily. However, in Helane Morrison’s case, these traits are the natural result of a long and impressive career marked by industry firsts and courtroom successes.

Learn more about the fascinating life and work of Helane Morrison by checking out her Wikipedia page or following her on her Crunchbase.


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  29. […] Helane Morrison is not only a voice for women in the corporate world; she is an example of what wome…. Morrison actually started her business career as a journalist after graduating from Northwestern University. Helane is a New Yorker by birth, but California kept calling her, and she heard the call. She decided to get her law degree from the University of California at Berkeley. In 1985, she earned her degree, and she went to work as a law clerk at the US Court of Appeals for the 7th circuit. From there, Morrison moved on and worked for Supreme Court Justice, Harry A. Blackmun. […]

  30. […] Maintaining ethical integrity, doing the right thing at all times and following the rules is having a strong character. These are qualities that need to be upheld especially in business and finance but are very rare to find. It has been seen since the early 2000’s as the industry has destroyed its reputation steadily. The global economic crisis in 2007 where institutions collapsed, banks turned to government for bailouts and high rate of unemployment. Digging into this exposed unethical behavior that was in existence in the financial sector. Fraud, secret dealings, and falsified records were unearthed. Corruption was exposed and how long it had remained covered. Dealing with such anomalies required a person of high integrity and sharp mind, that person is Helane Morrison. […]

  31. […] Corporate profits have been dropping at an alarming rate, and there are many reasons for the poor re…. The world is set to go into another disastrous recession, and a sense of uneasiness is running ramped through the boardrooms of corporations around the country. Consumers are not buying as they were a few years ago. The Internet has taken the place of brick and mortar stores, so retail corporations are scrambling to find ways to keep their doors open. The energy sector of the economy is in really bad shape, and that is exacerbating the issue. But those issues are not the only reason corporations are losing steam, according to Helane Morrison, the Managing Director, General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer of Hall Capital Partners in San Francisco. Morrison believes Corporate America is feeling the effects of its own shortsightedness when it comes to filling top executive positions. Helane Morrison is on a mission to get women in top executive roles in America. Women have the talent, the expertise and the desire to run top 500 corporations, but the men that call the shots have put up a brick wall when it comes to filling high-level positions with women. Morrison knows that the boys’ clubs that run corporation are scared of women, and she thinks that is the height of ignorance. <a href=””>Her company, Hall Capital Partners, is one of the most successful investment firms in the country, and women run it.</a> More and more mid-sized companies are hiring women executives because they get the job done. There is no better example of women getting the job done than Helane Morrison. Morrison has a degree in journalism from Northwestern; a law degree from UC-Berkeley and an 11 eleven-year track record with the Securities and Exchange Commission. <a href=””>She was the first woman regional director of the SEC in its history.</a> Helane is also a partner in the San Francisco law firm Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin. She is the former director of the San Francisco Bar Association and a current board member of the hedge fund committee of the American Bar Association. Morrison is also on the board of the Northern California Regional Parks Foundation. Even though Morrison has a full plate, her quest to break the glass ceiling in Corporate America is a priority. She travels frequently and speaks to organizations around the country that want to be part of the women leadership change that will remove this unnecessary segregation from corporations. […]

  32. […] Helane Morrison is a woman who’s career is very noteworthy. Through her intelligence, hard work, discipline, and integrity she has made a name for herself in law, government, and business. Along the way she helped change many people’s perception of what is possible for women and shattered the glass ceiling that once limited women’s careers. Born in Brooklyn, New York, she went to school out West and became famous for her work with Appeals Court and Supreme Court justices, the Securities and Exchange Commission, and Hall Capital Partners LLC. […]

  33. […] A common misconception is that not knowing about something equates to ignorance. However, if something is fairly new, it is nearly impossible for it to have become common knowledge over night. In matters pertaining to jobs, a compliance officer, is not a well-known position. People tend to believe that if mishaps happen within a company, it is the job of the owner to straighten it out. As controversy continues to rise, however, so does the need for compliance officers. Quickly becoming known as one of the most rapidly growing positions, compliance officers ensure tha…. […]

  34. […] Morrison is one assertive, sharp, firm and hardworking lady who has created a great impression in th…. Morrison insists that every investment they make for their client is solid and ethical. Hall’s team of professionals ensure that every brokerage firm, financial advisor or mutual fund advisors the firm chooses goes through thorough investigations before being trusted with clients’ money. Morrison has a team of enforcement staff. After an anomaly is suspected, the team enforces disciplinary action which will involve correction practices to pressing criminal charges. […]

  35. […] When you look at the career and the history of Helane Morrison, one can’t help but be impressed by her accomplishments, her resume, and the way she rose to success. Nothing came easy for her, but after all, she wouldn’t want it to be easy. She enjoys her accomplishments that much more when they are earned with time, commitment, and hard work. At the moment, she is a jack of all trades, so to speak, as she does a little bit of everything at Hall Capital. This is an area where she has thrived and survived. When it comes to compliance officers, they don’t come any better than Helane Morrison. […]

  36. […] Human resources is one of the most essential elements of any company. Over the past few years, Helane Morrison has been writing and speaking about the importance of hiring the right people. Hall Capital recently announced that she has been hired onto their team. She brings a lot of experience to the table, and many people expect positive results for the company as a result of this acquisition. Helane Morrison strongly believes that bringing the right people into the business can increase prof…. […]

  37. […] Helane Morrison made headlines after issuing ultimatums to rogue establishments and entrepreneurs. She performed business litigation and other compliance duties. Eventually, her efforts gained the eye of her employers resulting in a promotion to the regional director of the San Francisco branch. Around the same time, the compliance industry was relatively young and struggling to find its place within business establishments. Helane would become a pioneer in this field and mentored hundreds of other entrants both directly and indirectly. […]

  38. […] One of their most prized and accomplished employees is Helane L. Morrison. She wears many hats such as Managing Director, General Counsel, and Chief Compliance Officer. This again goes back to the diversity factor. She isn’t only good at one thing, she is good at many things. She can handle anything and everything that is thrown her way with flying colors. She looks it square in the face, tackles it, and defeats it. She is also happy to help her less than established fellow employees with her wisdom and guidance. In her mind, the more she helps out the staff, the better off they will be in the long run. […]

  39. […] Helane Morrison is the perfect person to be a compliance officer. Her undergraduate degree in Journalism from Northwestern means she has good communication skills. She earned a Juris Doctor from the University of California, Berkley and was a practicing attorney with the San Francisco law firm of Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin for 10 years. Morrison even spent two years working with an Appeals Court and a Supreme Court justice. But it is the job that she took after working with the law firm that helped to make her an ideal candidate to become a compliance officer. […]

  40. […] Helane Morrison is an excellent example of a successful modern compliance officer. Morrison has a solid educational background, a deep and clear understanding of the law, and over a decade worth of experience investigating businesses to make sure they comply with the relevant laws and do not take advantage of their customers. A new York native, Morrison has a bachelor’s degree from Northwestern University, a law degree from UC Berkley, and practiced law for 10 years. After leaving the San Francisco law firm with which she was a partner, Morrison took a position with the Securities and Exchange Commission. […]

  41. […] When it comes to strong women, there are few examples that are as impressive as Helane Morrison. Her career is a shining example of what women can accomplish when they work hard and dedicate themselves to their career path. Helane Morrison‘s skills and intelligence can clearly be seen in several different ways. Helane Morrison currently works with an investment company called Hall Capital Partners. This company is run completely by women including Helane who serves as the Managing Director, General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer. The fact that she serves such an important role with this investment firm proves that this is a strong and powerful woman that deserves to be watched and studied. Prior to her amazing work with Hall Capital Partners, Helane Morrison did a lot of work within the field of law. At one point in time, she even worked for Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackmun during the late 1980s. She also worked her way up and became a partner at the law firm called Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin. Her exceptional career within the law field is just another shining example of how incredible this woman really is. Beyond her extensive career, Helane Morrison has done a lot of work giving her time to different organizations as well. Beyond her work with Hall Capital Partners, she is currently serving on the Board of the Regional Parks Foundation as well as the Hedge Fund Subcommittee of the American Bar Association. Helane Morrison’s work beyond her career is further proof of exactly how strong and powerful women can really be. Her history with regards to his career and the areas that she still supports are also shining examples of how a woman can make herself a powerful example in any industry. […]

  42. […] Morrison has always remained vigilant in the fight against corporate crimes. No matter what field Helane always finds herself fighting against corruption. She believes that her current position in Hall capital partners is the best for her to achieve her goals. Morrison’s track records reveal her affinity for businesses ethics and morally upstanding values. Her main efforts are geared towards exposing those who take advantage of power for financial gain. She is what can be termed as a requisite fighter for justice. One of her considerable efforts and achievements was experienced in 2007. In that year, many financial institutions found themselves in an economic crisis. They were without safety from the threatening economic state.2007 and 2007 presented the most server American financial disasters of all time. Helane Morrison was one of the people who decide to take a proactive approach to something so startle corrupt that most people wouldn’t venture in. During her years of practice in courts, she worked with Blackmun. Blackmun enabled her maturity for hunger for justice to be faster than she thought would be. […]

  43. […] Helane Morrison is a steadfast and strong-minded woman driven by a cause. Driven by ambition, she has climbed the ladder of success from a humble beginning at San Francisco SEC office as the head of enforcement since 1996 to 1999. Helane Morrison was representing the SEC to the government agencies and the media. She was trying to maintain the right image of SEC .the desire to serve landed her into another job at San Francisco office of securities and exchange commission where she was responsible for securities law enforcement and regulatory issues in Northern California and five states in the northwest. From 1999 to 2007 Helane showed great qualities of a leader that amused her employers. Led by enthusiasm to lead a bigger organization, Helane landed a job at Hall Capital Partners in San Francisco where she is currently leading the team as the general counsel, managing director and chief compliance in the organization. Hall Capital Partners is an organization that is entirely run by women. Helane’s expertise, experience, and her desirable qualities have enabled her to lead from 2007 to date and still keeps on making a difference physically and socially felt by the partners and outsiders. Helane Morrison graduated with a B.S degree in journalism. She then got a J.D from the University of California Berkeley. While there Helane indulged herself in activities like being the editor-in-chief of California law review. Later she worked as a law clerk for Mr. Richard Posen from 1984 to 1985.she then used to work for supreme court judge for one year after which she joined Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin law firm up to 1996.Due to her diligence, she was elevated to be a partner in 1991.Her work was to focus on business litigation and defense of private securities action. The diverse leadership of Hall Capital Partners attracted Helane since she appreciated cultural integration at work. Her clean record and incredible work record got her the job in the organization. Helane’s major focus was to eliminate the deceptive corporate crimes on firms. She fought restlessly until she ensured that the lost trust and dignity in financial companies and assured restoration. She proved the power of a strong woman who was giving up was not a terminology present in her dictionary. She has worked to ensure that everything that she touches turns to gold. She has successfully been able to lead the organization into the right lane and has provided a long-term existence of the firm. Helane is a beautiful woman who doesn’t know no defeat and stands tall to fight injustice and to fight for what is right. I celebrate her as a hero of the 21st century and as a warrior strong in the battle. […]

  44. […] Helane Morrison is a wonderful a lady of a kind with qualities to serve and to deliver to fulfill th…. She eventually graduated with a B.S degree in journalism and later attained a juristic doctor diploma. While still in school she became the editor-in-chief of California law review. After school, she then worked as a law clerk for Hon Richard for a year and later shifted to be a clerk to Supreme Court judge for another year. With the gained experience, Helane Morrison joined Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin law firm where she proved to be a smart lawyer. In 1991 her effort was appreciated and was elevated to being a partner with the company. She continued working until 1996. Helane Morrison was approved to work as the head of enforcement at San Francisco SEC office representing the firm to the government agencies and media when requirement arose .she started on 1996 to 1999when she left for another senior post. With the vast experience, Helane later joined San Francisco office of Securities and Exchange Commission where she was responsible for securities law enforcement and regulatory issues in Northern California and five states in the northwest. She worked with diligence and with integrity till she ensured that the policies were followed to the word. She then moved to Hall Capital Partners an organization which is run entirely by women. Being a strong woman Helane has been elevated to the current position as the managing director, general counsel, and chief compliance in the organization in San Francisco. She is currently expanding the business to include a wider number of activities and to include more women in running the corporation. Helane Morrison has been very instrumental and a tool of change of restoring the integrity of financial institutions that was lost during the 2007-2008 economic crash which caused many investors to pay debts that were not necessary to be repaid. She has engineered strategies and techniques for dealing with such problems with a speculative angle and to ensure that all deceptive corporate crimes are halted and does not get a chance to encroach in organizations. She has successfully led a campaign to investigate about 500 top executive officers of top listed companies who had previously deemed immune of being investigated. She uncovered fraudulent behaviors of the sale of securities and destruction of audit papers by auditors. Under Helane Morrison leadership, Hall Capital partner wealth portfolio stands at $24 billion regarding owned assets. The organization currently manages finances of most millionaires and billionaires in America and subsequent procedures of offering financial advice to other big companies she is a leader who believes in openness and satisfaction when providing the services to the clients. She is a celebrated hero whose vision is to do more in future to expand and uplift the financial industry reputation. […]

  45. […] Helane Morrison has lived what can be considered a full swing life. She has been both on the serving end and the receiving end. And in both cases, the extreme highs. Or what can be said of a person who at one time headed law enforcement agency, had been earlier a representative of firms defending them against extreme enforcement by the very agency and now working as a compliance officer. Talk of an all-round pro. […]

  46. […] Morrison is affiliated with a number of well-known organizations. Examples of these organizations are the American Bar Association’s Hedge Fund Committee and the Regional Parks Foundation. She’s a member of the former and a board member of the latter. Morrison has many notable skills under her belt. Some of these plentiful skills and areas of expertise include employment law, securities regulation, legal compliance, data privacy, legal guidance, litigation, contracts, limited partnerships and management. […]

  47. […] went on to obtain her Juris Doctorate from the University of California at Berkeley, School of Law. Helane had a vision all along that she wanted to promote fairness where ever possible. After college she worked as a law clerk for the Honorable Richard Posen of the US Court of Appeals […]

  48. […] Helane Morrison has led a very interesting life. Over the years she has become someone that has managed to navigate her way to through a wave of different careers. I have been impressed with her climb in the corporate ladder. It is just amazing to see how she has been able to move from a smaller administrative role at a law office into making partner. […]

  49. […] Helane Morrison made a career from her efforts of trailblazing justice from her past engagements in …. Regardless of whatever professional field I traced her to, I noticed she maintains a consist fight that is aimed at corporate crimes that are deceptive. Morrison has a driving impetus to fight corruption in every matter she finds herself in. Her track record is a pure demonstration of her affinity to businesses that uphold basic ethics and also morally right values. Helane has been ferocious at exposing individuals who abuse their power or influence to gain financially. I found that Helane chose to focus on fighting for justice to bring equality to the financial sector. She has contributed immensely to the fight to create fair and ethical practices in global businesses by fighting for industrial justice. She has been fighting against the people who usually take advantage of vulnerable people who are exposed by economic circumstances that are tumultuous for the last 30 years. […]

  50. […] Helane Morrison is a remarkable American Lawyer and business woman. She was born in Brooklyn New York. Ms. Morrison received a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism from Northwestern University. She than received her J.D from the University of California Berkeley School of Law in 1984. She passed the state Bar of California in 1987. […]

  51. […] Helane Morrison is one of the most effective compliance officers because she has a thick skin and a …. When she takes on the business that are operating in fraudulent and unethical ways, she is met with a lot of opposition. One thing that helped her is a mentor that she has learned a lot from by the name of Harry A Blackmun. Harry Blackmun has worked very hard towards social justice. Among the issues he has fought for is the rights of a woman when it comes to abortion. Harry A Blackmun has received a lot of opposition and even threats when he has stood his grown on the issue. […]

  52. […] Helane Morrison is a tough Brooklyn born American businesswoman that has become an inspiration to so…. I have been thrilled about the compliance officer role that she has taken with Hall Capital. I know that this is linked to a long line of success in regional investigations with the San Francisco Securities and Exchange Commission. I like Helane Morrison and her resume because it shows a high level of leadership and investigation skills. I think that this has made her the perfect choice for a company that is responsible for maintaining the portfolios of billionaires like Warren Buffet. […]

  53. […] She served as the head of the FCC from 1999 until 2007. Helane’s responsibilities included regulation, security law enforcement, fraud litigation, and other legal responsibilities related to the SEC regulation of the financial sector. Not only did she serve to regulate in Northern California but in five other states. From 1996 until 1999 Helane served as head of enforcement at the San Francisco SEC office. […]

  54. […] Mrs. Morrison has always stood firm in her drive towards eliminating corruption in the industry. She has bounced from a journalism career to a law career with the government, and either direction she has always remained consistent in her fight against deceptive corporate crimes. You know that they are more out there that can even begin to be imagined, and Morrison wants to be able to do her best to commit the time and dedication to eliminating those crimes, and finding justice. Her goals and driven attitude, along with her years of experience have helped her gain knowledge in positions that are held with impeccable integrity and honesty, which is something that she has always valued as a professional in the industry. […]

  55. […] Currently working for an all female firm, Helane Morrison is attracted to a sense of diverse leadership. She is looking to be a part of something cutting edge within the financial industry. She feels that Hall Capital Partners has created the diverse leadership culture that can make that happen. A case in point is reflected in the lack of confidence that many investors had in the financial markets following the crash of 2007 and 2008. Morrison and her team immediately went out to restore public confidence once again, and she feels th…. […]

  56. […] Morrison has a strong track record of fighting against deceptive crimes of a corporate nature. She has an affinity for business that is solely based on the upholding of strong ethics and morally right values. Helane has managed to expose a number of economic predators over the thirty years she has been working hard to restore industrial justice. She works against the people who try to use their power or influence to exploit people who have been left at the clemency of turbulent economic situations. Due to the dire situation that was experienced in the world economies during the 2007 and 2008 period, people were confused about the actions to take. Helane was one of the people who opted to take the proactive approach against the corruption in the financial sector. […]

  57. […] Helane is also a woman of great character and a woman of great moral values. This is how she lives her day-to-day life. She prides herself on that, as a matter of fact. It is great to be good at your job and have different degrees (she also has a law degree), but how you treat people and how you conduct yourself is really what is going to stand the test of time. It is your reputation at stake and hers is incredibly valued. […]

  58. […] Helane Morrison used each position to continue her quest against corporate crimes. Through this fight, she has earned a reputation that has helped clients trust her. She hopes to use this at her positions at Hall Capital. She continues to make sure businesses are following regulations and consumers are safe. Helane Morrison is leaving a lasting mark on the finance industry that there is still good out there and she hopes to restore the confidence of the consumer. […]

  59. […] Helane Morrison waded through the economic crisis of 2007 and 2008, but her focus was on rooting out…. In regards to one major real estate player Morrison is quoted as saying, “Metropolitan essentially bought real estate from itself, creating fictitious profits.” She was instrumental in rooting out fraud during the real estate crisis in California. […]

  60. […] Helane L. Morrison is a Managing Director and the Chief Compliance Officer of Hall Capital Partners, an investment firm that manages over $29 billion worth of assets. Hall Capital was founded in 1994. It manages money for most successful companies, individuals, and families including investment financiers such as Warren Hellman and John Fisher. The success of Hall Capital stems from its diversity that cut across different backgrounds, education, and gender. While female leadership is relatively rare in the financial industry, Hall Capital has three women in top leadership position. […]