What is Help an Eve Out?

Crowdsource Information from your Fellow Eves – #helpeve

help an eve out

For many women, entrepreneurship entails a major career shift. Even the savviest and most seasoned among us can find herself overwhelmed in navigating the operations, practices, and particularities of a new niche. Making the necessary breadth of informed decisions can seem nearly impossible, heightening fear and uncertainty, sapping stamina and efficiency—and sucking the wind out of your entrepreneurial sails.

But with the networked ranks of Project Eve’s dynamic community already in place, there is simply no reason for to feel that you’re in it alone.

At Project Eve, we understand that there is strength in the sheer number of independent women in business today. Help An Eve Out enables women in business—even the “solopreneur” plugging away at her kitchen table to crowdsource information from her peers—to tap into a vastly knowledgeable, and informed cross-industry network that’s dedicated to helping women out.

Ask questions—and get informed and effective answers from fellow Eves, helping you navigate difficult decisions with efficiency and authority.

Start discussion—brainstorm business plans or new tax incentives with interested and experienced Eves, keeping you educated, informed, and forging a community across neighborhoods, industries, and areas of expertise.

Share ideas—get Eve’s thinking—and talking about following through on your latest inspirations or forging response strategies to the latest in business news.

Give and get constructive feedback—Engage the sounding board of your fellow entrepreneurs. Help an Eve think through a particular issue while solidifying your own understanding and clarifying business issues of your own.

From our own experience we have come to realize that women like to talk things through, to discuss, to ask questions, to validate and receive validation, to share success stories—Help An Eve Out is the place to do it.

All Questions will be syndicated to our entire community of over 300,000 friends, fans and followers. Check for #HelpEve when you follow @projecteve1 on twitter.