Simple Solutions For A Stress Free Life


What Is Stress?

Stress is when your peace of mind is interrupted and your emotions are worked up. You can feel stress in your home, work or your child can feel stress at school. If not handled properly, it can mess with our minds and our health.

Stress Management Simple Solutions by Nicole Dominique Le MaireStress feels like you are carrying a large burden on your shoulders. You have a lot of responsibilities that seem like it all falls toward you and no one else. You have feelings of anxiety and frustration.

There are times when you will get angry because so much has come upon you and it seems to be overwhelming. You feel overpowered to do anything so it’s easy for you to get into worrying about things that you can’t control.

It doesn’t have to be big things that will cause stress. It could be some of the smallest things that can set you off to get tense.

Causes Of Stress

There are different things and events that can cause you to be stressed. What may cause stress for one person may not be the same for someone else. It’s basically different strokes for different folks when it comes to stress.

Stress can be physical, internal, emotional and external. They can be caused by a loss you’ve experienced, overworking yourself, sickness, arguments and other problems that you face.

You can also experience stress from office politics. This is not something that you should get involved in. It is not ood for you mentally, especially if you’re dealing with other problems. Office politics can be very brutal and you have to know how to deal with it. The last thing you want to do is to bring it home with you.

Another cause of stress is lack of finances. You or your spouse always seems to be at odds about the finances and budgeting. You like to save, while he likes to spend. The old saying is true about saving for a rainy day.

However, your spouse likes to spend because the money is there. He could care less about saving money when he’ll really need it. You on the other hand, are constantly after him about that. The interaction often ends up into a verbal argument. This doesn’t solve anything for either party. It’s understandable why you would be stressed about this.

Then, you don’t have enough money to pay bills so you end up robbing Peter to pay Paul. That is frustrating by itself without having the spouse involved. You need to have money to pay the bills and pay them on time.

If you or someone in your family has a chronic illness, you constantly have to take them to the doctor. That’s more money out of your pocket because you have to pay the fee prior to the doctor visit. Then, the doctor may have to prescribe medicine, depending what the health issue is. That’s another expense to dread.

For wealthy people, they have to deal with taking care of their large mass of money. Of course, there are those who know they have the money and are always looking to mooch from them. On the other hand, there are those who are not wealthy and work to keep what they have and bring in more money. It can be a struggle on both ends.

You could be stressed about being a people pleaser. You’re the type of person that doesn’t want anyone mad at you, so you work to keep everyone in your circle happy. That can stress you out because while you’re struggling to keep them happy, you don’t have time for yourself to do the things you need to do. That can be very frustrating.

If you have children, they may feel stressed from the pressure of working to keep their grades up so that they can get all A’s. There are some parents that are obsessed with their children getting all A’s that they constantly hound them and keep them in their schoolbooks. It seems as though they don’t have a life out of school.

Sometimes, people bring stress on themselves. People get engrossed about concerns and worries that are beyond the scope of what they can do. Or they worry about things that they shouldn’t be worried about. They’re trivial and unnecessary.

They invite stress in by complaining and murmuring. They think about the negative stuff and think that there’s no way out. They allow too much tension to build up in their system.

The Effects Of Stress

Stress can affect people physically if they don’t learn to deal with it. It can really affect their health. They can experience headaches, ailments of the stomach and diabetes. In order for people to remain healthy, the immune system needs to be healthy and working properly.

When people allow stress to affect them, they set themselves up for anything to happen. One of the more common health issues they face is ulcers. Ulcers can affect what you eat, which can cause weight gain or loss

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